Crazy Candle App Reviews

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frequent downloads for $.99 each

I keep getting downloads for $.99 upgrades upgrades I don't want I don't want I don't want


Where Is iPad/iPhone??? iPad Big!! More!!


This app looks awesome but stinks! U should be able to blow into the mic and blow out the candle! Come on! Update it so u can blow it out!

One trick pony

There are other candle apps that have more to offer than this.

For what it is, it's good

It's worth $1. I wish, however, that it had a normal (bigger) candle. The developer could choose any kind of candle they wanted, and they chose a birthday cake candle. Nobody would leave a birthday cake candle burning for longer than a couple minutes if they could help it. I hope eventually they will at least give a choice of candle types.


(Unlike) the other candle app, this one uses a video loop to express a real candle image, and along with the ability to shake start/stop, or touch the wick to do same, is a brilliant and fun idea, easily worth 99 cents! I have to laugh at the earlier posts complaining it's not free, when these same folks think nothing of quaffing down a $3 latte or going to a $10 movie, neither of which you can permanently own! BTW this app is fun in the dark, and helps set a cozy atmosphere anytime! GOOD JOB!


Cheesy and not worth it


is cool but need work

Waste of $

This app. Is a waste of .99 cents, all it does is glow and waste the battery!

Blowtorch, Too

Fun little app. And if you hold it sideways, it acts like a mini-blowtorch -- just the thing to caramelize your desserts.

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